4 bedroom luxury family home

November 10, 2023
Exterior view of 4 bedroom home with a large landscaped garden with steps and footpaths

In the heart of Dorset, Steven Haskins embarked on a unique journey to bring his dream home to life. Collaborating with MPS Building LTD, this venture unfolded as a fusion of practicality, creativity, and unexpected joy.

Initial Vision and Inspiration

The decision to build anew, avoiding VAT intricacies, became the first brushstroke on the canvas of Steven's dream. "We were guided by the architect, choosing what suited," he recalls, setting the tone for a collaborative creative process.

Design and Planning

Guided by architects, Steven's dream took shape with a focus on four bedrooms, a swimming pool, and a lift. "We were not set on anything and had no particular vision in mind," he notes, underlining the flexibility that allowed for creative exploration.

Collaboration and Communication

MPS Building LTD orchestrated monthly hut meetings, creating a platform for architects, builders, and project managers to harmonize ideas. "Very good, with all parties involved – architect, builders, and PA. This really helped," Steven reflects, appreciating the streamlined communication.

Construction Experience

The construction phase, a rollercoaster of excitement and delays, unfolded with the transformative touch of MPS's suggestions. "The changes suggested were very emotional to see as it helped bring our dream to life," Steven shares, capturing the essence of the evolving process.

Customisation and Personalisation

Personalisation marked Steven's home with a top floor and a daily-used indoor pool. MPS played a pivotal role in building this vision. "MPS contributed to building our vision with the changes," acknowledges Steven, emphasising the collaborative journey.

Materials and Sustainability

Environmental consciousness found expression in solar panels. "Solar saves on electricity, which helps with costs and environment" Steven explains, showcasing the thoughtful integration of sustainability.

Favourite Spaces and Details

The heartbeat of Steven's home echoes in the kitchen – a central hub with sentimental value. The roof and the view amplify the emotional connection. These aren't just spaces; they are cherished details that resonate with everyday life.

Emotional Connection

Beyond construction, a home is an emotional sanctuary. MPS's suggestions weren't just technicalities; they wove into an emotional connection. "Made suggestions for changes we wanted to make," Steven recalls, capturing the essence of shared vision.


Looking back, Steven's reflections are grounded in happiness, particularly directed towards MPS Building LTD. His advice echoes practical wisdom, "Take time with the architect to get everything correct to avoid delays."

Special Comments or Mentions

The collaboration's final notes resonate with genuine enjoyment in working with the MPS team. "Really enjoyed the whole team, everyone was friendly and helpful," Steven warmly shares, underscoring the importance of a positive collaboration.

Steven's home stands not just as a structure but as a narrative of dreams translated into reality. MPS Building LTD, with its expertise and collaborative spirit, played a pivotal role in crafting a home filled with memories, joy, and the unmistakable essence of a dream fulfilled.

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